The Best Thing That Ever Happened In My Life

3 years ago, if someone had asked me what is the best thing that ever happened in my life, I am pretty sure I'd get into a thinking mode and sort the happy moments in my life and decide which of them is the best thing.

But if you ask me now, I will answer straight away:  the day I accepted Jesus Christ to become my personal Lord and Savior.

It's been almost two years since that day, but I will never ever forget the day when God enabled me to go down on my knees and confess how sinful I am and how I needed Jesus to save me.  That time, I experienced the peace and calmness I have never experienced even in what I thought was the happiest day of my life.  It was peace beyond anything.  Amidst the storm and waves of life, I had never felt more secure and at peace. 

And I never imagined before, that I would become so grateful today that he allowed me to go through so much two years ago.  Now I know how much He loves me, because what He allowed to happen, has made me and Vergil go back to Him.  It has made us seek Him and taught us to let go and surrender control of our life to Him.

He opened my eyes to the reality that life on earth is not what should we live for, but we should live on the life that is after- ETERNITY.  Have you ever wondered where will you go after your life here?  Honestly, I had the thought before the time I met Jesus in my life, and I was worried sick because I was not sure I'd be going to heaven.  But today, I am assured that I will be with God.

Today, my heart never fails to swell with so much gratitude to God for enabling me to seek Him out.  I am very grateful that Jesus died on the cross for me... for all of us.  His gift of salvation is being offered to all.  Just like any gift, we just need to accept that gift.

Wouldn't you want to accept the greatest gift of all?

The video below (by Peter Tan-chi Jr.)  is a good reminder of how lost I was once,  but God loves me very much, that he sent His only son to save me. 

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