Christmas Chaos - Gifts

One of the many reason I love the holiday season is because my main love language is... GIFT!  Well, not necessarily because I'd be receiving, but because I have the excuse to shop and to give, because you tend to speak your love language to others.  Even when we went through hard times financially over the last two years, I made it a point to have something to give to family and friends by shopping  months ahead, one at a time, until I have everyone covered.  That is how important for me to have something to give during Christmas.    

But this year, I became so busy with my bookkeeping clients that I did not found the time to plan ahead. By this time, everything should have been wrapped and placed in the tree but I found myself needing help to wrap all the presents.  But thank you Eco Bags! I saved time! :-D

These gifts still need wrapping, ran out of bags!!

I've made a mental note to go back to shopping and wrapping gifts early for the next Christmas.  But thank you Lord for providing me the means to be able to give gifts again this season.


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