Day of Hearts

We originally planned to reserve for dinner at Mingoy's in ATC to celebrate the day but at the last minute we decided to spend the day together with Miggy. We were thinking of going to
Enchanted Kingdom or Star City or letting Miguel play at the Fun Ranch and then find a good place to eat after. Hubby suggested we go to Tagaytay but I was not up to it. I don't know, but I just find the place boring. Hehehe! Is it because I literally almost grew-up in Baguio that I cannot really appreciate the place? Hmnnn, I'm not sure... Maybe if hubby will suggest we spend the night at Tagaytay Highlands, it will change my mind. Hahahaha!

So V-day came and we really have not decided where to go. It was a "come what may" atmosphere that morning. Woke up early to do my Saturday cleaning routine. Hubby drove us to Festival Mall by 10:00 am for Miggy's toddler class at TU. While Miggy was in his class, I took off to the grocery and bought some Toblerone bars for his teachers. Miggy's class is until 11:45am so hubby and I decided that we just eat lunch at Festival Mall. But we let the little boy play first at Pixie Forest. We ate at Pancake House and I really enjoyed my favorite: Daing na Bangus! Hahahaha! We drove home afterwards to let Miggy take a nap and for us to have time to plan the night. He was barely awake when we were halfway to our place. And then something came up that we had to go to AMWAY ADC in Makati. So much for any plans... we just brought Miggy with us to Makati after letting him take his nap. We left Amway at around 7:00PM already then headed straight to SM Southmall for a dinner at Chef de Angelo before going home.

Nothing romantic happened. But it was surely better because we were together!


We bought something for Miggy as a Valentines gift for him:

He almost doesn't want to leave his tent. And he got really mad when we tried to pull him out. Hahahaha!

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