Thermostat or Thermometer?

Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?

I'm currently reading Sam Glenn's A KICK IN THE ATTITUDE and this line really caught me. This book is part of our Continuing Education Program (CEP) in Network 21 for January. The book is a great read! It talks about why, when everyone knows that the right attitude can bring you success in life, and yet not everyone is successful?

So, am I a thermostat or a thermometer?

As we all know, thermostat controls the temperature of a room, while a thermometer goes with the temperature. In life, we have freedom to choose if we are going to take control of our life or just let anyone or anything control us. I must admit that there are times when I have so many excuses. You see, I have so many things I want in life, especially those for my son, husband and my family. So many dreams that there was a time when I already gave up thinking about them because I thought I was not born privileged enough to get such. I was allowing my present circumstances to control me, kill my dreams and dictate my life.

I was a thermometer once.

But I am glad I met special people who taught me how to be a thermostat. I am blessed to be part of an environment who encourages people to dream big and make it happen. I am now on my way to the realization of my dreams. And I am happy Vergil and I chose to follow the road less travelled.

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