Over The Weekend

Another Monday... as usual I am here at work and going over my To Do List and wondering if I can really fit to do all of them today. Ugh!
Miguel was surely enjoying himself in school. Last Satuday, I just dropped him off to class and went on to buy some stuff for for the house. I got back just right before his romp time coz I needed to catch his snack time (his favorite juice drink was in my bag) and there he was... happily playing around on their romp area, not even minding if I was still around. Sigh! My boy is really growing fast and I realized I really should be spending more time with him. Coz I know I should not be waiting for him to reach age 10... by then he'll be embarassed being seen already kissed by his mom! Hmnnn... I should really be starting to plan for the birthday getaway present we're thinking of giving the little boy. Vergil and I decided not to throw another big birthday party for him till age 7. But we will go on vacation for him to some place as a birthday present. And for us to unwind na rin and spend time with each other. We originally planned to bring him to Hongkong Disneyland last January but we were on a tight budget since we moved to the new house last December. Almost all the money went to the house. So the HK trip is postponed tentatively by November this year.

We're thinking of Baguio though. It would be the right choice since Miggy's bday is on April 26 and I am pretty sure the weather in Baguio will be a good escape from the hot weather here in Manila. I am looking for a good beach resort also... coz the little boy loves swimming.... in the pool. He hates the beach... or more appropriately, he is afraid of the beach. The waves and the sound scares him a lot. But that was last year when we went to Pagudpod in Ilocos. Maybe we're going to try and check again if he's ok with it now. Hmnnn.


After Miggy's class, we dropped by at Vergil's office for a visit and a scheduled meeting with Ms. Lani. After that I didn't have any schedule and Miggy was already tired and sleepy so Vergil drove us home. Miggy as already asleep when we reached the house so I grabbed the opportunity to watch DVD. This is something I rarely do anymore since I spend most of my free time playing with Miggy. I popped in the movie "The Notebook". I actually read the book years ago and it was one of the best love stories I ever read. But with the movie?? Wow! I was almost into tears. The best love story movie I ever watched. Noah was surely someone a girl would ever dreamed of.
We watched the 3rd sequel of Underworld two weeks ago in Festival Mall Alabang. I'm not really a huge fan of this vampire story but I can say I liked it. I already have with me the original DVD copy of the first two parts (thanks for Astrovision's DVD sale). The 3rd part Underworld: Rise of the Lycans was actually the history of the feud between the lycans and the vampires. The story was actually mentioned in the first Underworld movie... the story of Lucian (lycan) and Sonja (vampire). It was ok but it was short. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if they added some twist with it like if Lucian and Sonja was able to escape and they were hunted down. And it wasn't even explained why Lucian was able to command all the wolves and why they listened to him or more so treat him like the leader of the pack. But all in all it was ok. Not bad.

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