Miggy 's First: School

We enrolled Miguel in a Saturday Playgroup class at Toddlers Unlimited Alabang. We just felt that it would be a nice experience for him to be able to mingle with kids his age. Not that he is shy or wary of crowd, but just for him to become prepared for prep school. And it turned out great because he is definitely enjoying it. Not even once that he is in class that he had to look for me... although I did not even thought that it would be much of a problem for Miggy since he loves being in a new place and with new people. The 10 session class will end this March and I am yet decided if I will enroll him again on the next batch since I am also currently checking for other school's toddler summer programs. I am also thinking of enrolling him to toddler 3x a week class in June. Hmnnnn... my boy is really growing fast, as I am already talking about schools here!
So far here's the list of schools I was planning to check:

1. Mind Builders Preschool
2. Bethany Montessori Learning Center
3. Little Archers Learning School
4. Wishbone Kiddie Camp
5. The Village Playgroup

We were planning to get him to a swimming class but I have to check it first with his pedia because I have read it somewhere that kids his age are prone to ear infection.

So much to do and check. Now I am really wishing I am a full time mom!

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