Self-Confessed TWILIGHT Addict

Right. You bet I am. But who wouldn't be? I mean, I am sure almost every girl who read it will surely fall in love with this human-vampire love affair... and Edward Cullen...

I have read the 4 books thrice and saw the movie twice now (I am impatiently waiting for the original DVD to come out). And I am currently listening to the audiobook. Now I am trying to ask myself why I am so into this when I have read a lot of good books too and yet I never felt so obsessed about them. Hmmnnnn.... let me just try to think about it thoroughly:

1. Is it because it's a human-vampire lovestory and this added some sense of danger and adventure into the love affair?

2. Is it because the once mythical and beautiful vampires were portrayed as "good", not having to suck blood for existence?

3. Is it because the character Edward Cullen in the book had portrayed the every girl's dream - rich, beautiful, perfect, protective, and dangerous.

I really think No. 3 will count a lot for me. Especially when I saw Robert Pattinson in that role. Super hot! Even me would never really mind going out with a vampire this cute:

Hmnnn... I wonder if my husband will still buy me that original DVD (as a birthday present) when it comes out this coming March 2009. LOL

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