I always thought that sucess is equal to being on top of the class when I was still a student, or getting promoted until you reach the top of the corporate ladder when I started working. I always had this wrong perception that success is synonymous to power, position and authority. I was proven wrong by the words above.

A progressive realization of a worthwhile dream...

That's when I started to think, what are my dreams? They say your dreams are those when you think about it, you feel the longing and pain. Just the thought of it makes you cry and tremble. Now, I sure love being on top... I always did. I always make sure that I stand out. I thought these things would bring me success. But I was wrong. They were like drugs that I felt temporary elated... after a day or two all the heavenly feeling of being recognized, promoted and etc. is gone. I go back to where I was, exhausted, bored and wondering why I am so damn unhappy with what I am doing. Even the money cannot do something about it.
So, what are my real dreams? What makes me cry just thinking about it at night? What dreams do I have to realized for me to honestly say that I am successful?
One thing's for sure. I want the BEST of this world for my family. I am not only talking of material things but I am also talking about TIME. I want to give everything to my family - new house, car, best education, all the good things that money can buy and having to spend most of my time with them in enjoying good things life can offer. It's far far different from spending my time climbing the corporate ladder although I am giving them the best of life. What I wanted all along is not only financial freedom, but also the time freedom. I don't want to be dictated of the time I should get up, the time I should take my meals or the time I should be working. My work controls me now... I am spending more time with my boss than with my family. Is this the success I was thinking about? Wouldn't it be much greater to have all the money and all the time to do I want and what I am happy about? Such a failure in disguise to be earning so much but a slave in the truest sense!
But I am lucky to have taken an opportunity most take for granted. I am lucky that I became honest with what I truly wanted which opened my mind and heart to listen to the right opportunity fitted for my dreams.
Before my eyes opened and my vision changed, I thought I didn't have any choice but to work the rest of my life to be able to earn an income that will never ever be enough. I did not see any possibility for me leaving the corporate world. I thought of having my own traditional business, but you see, such not only takes money, but also a lot of skills and discipline. If you were train to be an employee, it will take you a lot of learning to get the minds of the successfull business persons. And that is not learned through school or through books only. The most effective is to learn from the successful people themselves. But will Henry Sy do such? I don't think so.
Now, I am on my way to the realization of my dreams. Such a blessing to be surrounded by so many successful people in a very positive environment. Such a good luck to be able to stumble upon people who mentors us and despite our shortcomings never fails to support and believe in us.
Now, what do you really want?

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