The Cellphone Kwento

It's friday and it's nearly 5pm. I can feel my body batteries already draining down... but i still have to wait for 6pm before i can get out of the office. (Sigh!)
Anyways, two days ago, got a call from my husband asking me i already wanted to buy my new phone. Oh don't get me wrong... i'm not changing into a new and up to date mobile phones coz i can't afford them (wink*)... I saw kasi this two new affordable phones from motorola. I liked them instantly coz they're slim and small. Hehehe! I like phones that fits to my jeans pocket! The first one cost only 4k - small, slim and has an fm radio; the other one around 6k - it has a camera, slim, no fm radio though. Going back to Vergil's phone call, I immeadiately said yes... hell, i was excited! Hahahaa! We went to memo express since the phone i was planning to get was offered in zero interest installment! Hahahaha! So cheap na nga ikecredit card pa namin! Di kasi kasama sa budget eh... i think Vergil just wanted to cheer me up coz i was so down the past days. Ok, going back, when we got there we tried to check muna the other phones. And i noticed Vergil looking so intently at Sony Ericsson's walkman phone. I knew right there and then that he wants it. Well, Vergil lost two phones already that's why the last phone we bought was cheap na lang para pag nawala, di masakit sa bulsa. But knowing him who is a gadget lover, he wants to get rid of his old phone na. So i asked him, "do you want that phone?" He said yes and told me it's quite pricey. I checked the price and he's telling the truth.. Three walkman phones where displayed, only one i knew we can afford so i asked him if he likes that particular phone. He was a bit hesistant coz he liked the others more. But when we asked the features he said ok naman pala. Then i insisted that we buy that na lang, tapos hiraman kame. Ang lolo! Biglang nagglow ang face pero syempre ayaw pahalata.... to make it short... we bought the phone.

And while we were walking to the parking lot, i was teasing him, "this is my phone ha?" He was laughing. When we got home, i told him to just give me his phone, then he can have the new phone. Naku! He was saying NO pa... pakipot. I told him its ok kasi i'm scared na ganun phone ko kasi baka mawala. Coz i lost two phones na rin... actually they were stolen. Hay! After mga kunwaring pakipot, tuwang tuwa ang bata! Hahahaha!
Well, i ended up not having the new phone but still i was happy... seeing my husband so happy makes me happy na din.

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