The rain has added more to the sadness i'm feeling inside. Lucky for the students coz classes are suspended (again!) today. I was wishing i can also just lazily stay in bed... think...cry... and sleep. But well, i can't do anything but ride the bus to my work and look at the same sight i've been looking for two years now. On my way, i decided to drop by Mightee Mart to buy coffee and cocoa drinks to ease the cold when i get to office. While waiting for my turn in the counter, chocolate bars caught my eyes. No cravings on my part whatsoever since i'm not really a chocolate lover... i was never inlove with sweets. But i remember this one article about chocolates that they're anti-depressant. So i grab one bar of kitkat and hersheys thinking "why don't i try if it's true!" Haha! Wasn't that a very desperate move to make myself feel better??
After making my cup of hot cocoa and getting settled in my office chair, i ate my hersheys bar. Minutes have passed and i felt nothing. Nada! Still the same old feeling of helplessness, hurt and sadness.

Hahaahaa! Talking about being so dumb to believe that a bar of chocolate would ease everything!!!

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