Feeling better!

I'm so grateful to have been awaken from this bad dream before i hurt all people who cares for me. Yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life. Being able to pour it all out to my husband and being able to be secured by his words, hugs and kisses! God! I am so lucky to have Vergil! And i realized, why am i making things so diificult for me and for us? I maybe deprived of attention and love when i was a child, but then He gave me Vergil now. And i was so dumb to have taken that for granted!

I almost pulled myself away from Vergil... but i'm grateful he never let go of the grip. He gave me space and time and waited for me to cry out everything to him, which i mistakenly took that he never cared.

I love my husband so much... He's everything i ever dreamed of.

Now i'm smiling again... I know there will still be times when i will feel down. But knowing that Vergil is there... i can get through it.


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