Disregard my RENEWED Etc blog. Coz i'm back to being so down... and if i may add HURT. I really thought i found the person who can understand me... the person who can be sensitive enough to know what's bothering me... what can make me feel ok... the person who can help me with the insecurities hard life installed in my being. Well i was wrong. And i guess it's my fault to expect too much from someone...
But im still positive that one day... my renewed blog will once again be posted here but with a better light. I realized, no one can help myself but me... no one can understand all the things i went through but myself. So, i have to help myself... not expect anyone to help me. I think i can do this on my own. My parents once abandoned me emotionally but i survived. I think this one should be much easier... i was a child then. Now i'm more mature and abled to get through all this...
I'm going to visit HIM later. Just like the old times. Pour myself out... cry... and ask for help... HE would never let me down i know.
Oh, i think i was wrong in telling that no one can ever understand me. There's still HIM.

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