Renewed etc

After how many days of feeling so down and depressed... i'm back! I still feel sad at times but i guess whatever problems i have... i know i can pass through it... one at a time... with Vergil by my side. It had helped me a lot to cry without saying a word to Vergil. And his hugs and kisses made me feel that everything will be alright. I really admire my husband for being so patient with me. I know it was so hard for him to be seeing me so down... and for being unaware of what to make me feel better coz i was not giving him answers whenever he asks me what's wrong. I have to admit during that time, i have this "tampo" with him. Call it selfish but i felt bad when he attended their company's overnight outing (9th anniversary) in Batangas. That time kasi i was so down na and stressed out that i really needed a break. Tapos there he was, enjoying the scene and vacation. Parang it felt unfair.... selfish ko ba??? Damn! I knew it was a company outing... but still i felt so bad.
Well, when he got back, i was hoping for him to offer me naman a weekend getaway coz i was really on the verge of snapping na because of work stress and other problems but i think i forgot how insensitive guys are... much more that Vergil's a Gemini who's personality includes "insensitive." So, after how many days of having my tampo with him, i finally asked him for us to take a weekend vacation. He said ok. We'll scheduled it pa nga lang... we'll consider muna our budget and time. So i still don't know when. (Sigh!) But hey, i'll just look on the brighter side: at least now i have something to look forward to!

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