On traffic and being late

I usually go out of the house between 7 to 7:30 am for me to be able to arrive at my office at around 8:45 ( office hours is from 9am to 6pm). But lately, i was swiping my id card between 9 to 930am! Meaning... I'M LATE! Waahhh! What will happen now on my punctuality points????!!!

I go out of the house same time everyday... arrive at my bus stop same time... but once i take the jeepney going to "Mandaluyong loob" (famous because of the mental hospital), there starts my ranting and asking of the same question everyday now - ba't naman kasi ngayon lang ginagawa and drainage and daan when it's already tag-ulan and pasukan???!!!" Haaaayyy!!! Ewan ko ba, all summer there were never any road fixing activities along the area. Kung kelan naman pasukan na and tag ulan, tsaka naman binungkal at inayos and boni avenue! Helllooo! Di ka kaya mainis to be stucked in a super duper long traffic???

La lang, labas lang me ng inis ko sa MMDA at sa gobyerno for the great timing... I wonder tuloy... di ba talaga nila naisip na mas ok ata pag summer ang mga projects na ganyan. Heheehehe!

So, dapat tomorrow, 6:30 alis na ko ng house...

Aga kaya nun... i wonder if my husband will want to to drive me sa bus terminal that early...

Kasi naman....!!!!!

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